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  A Brief Profile

The Roller Flour Millers Federation of India established in the year 1940 is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2015 marking the completion of 75 years of meaningful existence contributing to the industry’s development and growth. A humble beginning in the year 1940 with a mere strength of 10 members as the first and only representative body of the flour milling industry in the country is today being membered by more than 200 direct, over 1100 indirect/associate members and 20 state associations - its active members.

As a matter of fact Federation has grown manifolds during this span and today provides a strong and recognized platform for the industry, with healthy ties among the members themselves and at times providing an opportunity of exchanging views with government officials and authorities from related departments/bodies associated to wheat and wheat industry. Today, Federation is proud to have members from flour milling industry, machine and plant manufacturers, manufacturers of chemicals and flour improvers, supplier and grain merchants and of course the consultants. Federation’s operational sphere is extended even beyond the territorial boundaries with prime focus on :
1. Providing the statistics/data and vital information pertaining to policies, trade and growth structure pertaining to wheat and wheat industry.
2. Bringing together the companies/associations and individuals associated with roller flour milling industry, projecting their view points and working for the economic development and growth of the flour milling industry;
3. Taking necessary steps for promoting and supporting/opposing legislative and other measures affecting the trade, commerce or the members related to flour milling industry;
4. Preparing a common ground and offering a congenial atmosphere for setting the disputes, if any;
5. Assisting and setting up of research/testing laboratories, milling schools with a view of rendering technical assistance to its members and nurturing requisite expertise;
6. Promoting and popularizing wheat and wheat products, organizing seminars and workshops;
7. Helping build up a favourable and acceptable image of Indian wheat products in the markets across the border through its publications.

Besides acting as the mouthpiece for the flour milling industry representing the commercial and operational view point, Federation nurtures the social aspect of the industry also. Federation has been promoting the nutritional program through wheat flour fortification, combating malnutrition and thus contributing towards the promotional activities building a healthy nation for tomorrow.

Technical Assistance

The Federation maintains a close liaison with research establishments like Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. It is also associated with the running of International School of Milling (ISMT) at CFTRI, Mysore which is the only institute of its kind with the main objective of
1. Providing necessary training and education for executive/supervisory positions in the milling industry;
2. Promoting better techniques to utilize the available equipments from seed to milling and post milling stages ensuring better processed products for consumers;
3. Teaching and updating the milling technology and its application in current environment.
ISMT also runs a small mill in association with RFMFI imparting practical training to the students.
Federation is proudly associated with –
1. Development panel for Flour Milling industry of DGTD;
2. Committees of Bureau of Indian Standards;
3. Committees of FICCI and CIFTI;
4. Committees of CII – Food & National Body;
5. Agricultural Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)
6. National Productivity Council (NPC)
Federation is also the member of Indian Flour Fortification Network (IFFN).

Acknowledging the Excellence

In order to encourage the excellence in the flour milling industry, the Federation has a trend of recognizing the efforts made by individual millers in the fields of Research & Development, Pollution Control and Innovative Efforts towards improvement of efficiency. The outstanding performances are reckoned in form of awards which are decided and judged on merits by a Jury of 5 members representing different bodies – Government/Research Institutes and Milling Industry.